Fat Brain Game

Fat Brain Game is the new daily general knowledge quiz based on the world’s news and goings on .

Test out your grey matter by answering the questions correctly to try and get onto the fat brain game leader board.

Danny & Rosie play quiz master each morning at 8.15am. Want to play? Register now by leaving your details below. Good Luck!

Points make Prizes

Score between 0 & 3 you get you get an invisible crown and you get to be king for the day!

Score between 4 and 7 you win a Pulse 1 pen!

Score 8 and above to get onto the fat brain game leader board and win an exclusive limited edition “I’ve got a fat brain” t-shirt!

Our Top Players for 2017 Are..

1) Neil Grant from Halifax (12 points).

2) Jo Phillllllllips from Drigg (11 points).

3) Gaz Kendall from Halifax (11 points).

4) Jenny Smith from Halifax (11 points).

5) Alex Humphries from Huddersfield (11 points).

6) Kate Reed from Wilsden (10 points).

7) Head of Year Adam from Mirfield (10 points).

8)  Stephan Dubej from Bradford (10 points).

9) Tim Richardson from Bradford (10 points).

10) Angela & Daniel from Leeds (10 points).

11) Mike Gommersal from Cas Vegas (9 points).

12) Morgan Craven from Huddersfield (9 points).

13)  Bus Driver John from Halifax (9 points).

14) Danielle Clarke from Halifax (9 points).

15) James Pilky from Bradford (9 points).

16) Scott Clifford from Ovenden (9 points).

 17) Adam Morris from Wakey (8 points).

18) Sarah Teal from Halifax (8 points).

19) Matthew Todd from Leeds (8 points).

20) Ben Spivey from Thornbury (8 points).

21) Lynn Gentry from Heckmondwike (8 points). 

22)  Zoe Dyson from Halifax (8 points).

23) Caroline Augustine from Huddersfield (8 points). 

24) Lisa Cole from Mirfield (8 points).

25) Neil Martin from Halifax (8 points).